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Honda Vehicle Owners May Be Entitled To Significant Cash Compensation

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Your Rights: What You Need To Know

Why should I opt out of a class action suit?

Failure to opt out of one or more class action lawsuits may lead to losing your lemon law rights and being left with little to no settlement. Preserve your rights and request your free case review today.

What vehicles have the problem?

You may need to opt out of one or more class action lawsuits if you have the following vehicles:

  • 2016–2020 Honda Accord
  • 2016–2020 Honda CR-V (EX, EL and Touring)
  • 2016–2020 Honda Pilot
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Honda's CMBS And Common Honda Owner Complaints

If you experience any of these issues, you may be entitled to replacing your vehicle or receiving significant cash compensation.

Knight Law Transmission Slips

Sudden And

Knight Law Difficulty Stopping

False Alerts For

Lane Keeping
False Alerts

Knight Law Delayed Upshifts

Highway Speed

Knight Law Group Has Helped Thousands Of Owners Of Defective Cars Receive:

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Large Cash

Knight Law Award

For Car Costs

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Cash Buybacks
For Their Cars

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I would've been stuck with a car that didn't work and confused on what steps to take. Estephania Gonzalez was there every step of the way and I couldn't have done with without her. Thank you so much for all the help everyone provided.

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The Knight Law Group helped me understand my lemon law payout offer. I felt unsure of what steps to take next after submitting my lemon law claim. Maria and Marissa provided guidance and professional customer service (at no cost). Now that I understand my rights and I feel confident in making a final decision. I will definitely recommend this office to my friends and family in the future.

- Daisy M. (La Habra, CA)

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